The firm ED.S. ltd

The firm, under the title "Educational Systems ltd" was founded in 1993, as a "single person limited" company, having its heardquarters in Athens. The year 2004 was converted to "limited" and in turn, since 2015, it is working with a new ambitious management.

The firm's activities are mainly concerned to offer educational, laboratory and research objectives to Technological Universities all over the territory of Greece and Cyprus.

The firm, having many years and multifunctional experience in the educational lab. field equipment, is working as an agent for more than 20 manufacturers.

The offered services include installation, training and full operating support for several years, from a higly educated and well experienced graduated team of Engineers, such as Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic Engineers, as well as Physists and Chemists, having got separate training on each specific selling subject, at the manufacturers' premises.